How to deal constructively with constructive feedback



Stop! I just want to give you constructive criticism

"Suggestions and constructive feedback are always welcome." 

Such empty formulas are only intended to cover up the fact that people generally strive for recognition first and have no appreciation for negative assessments.

"I like criticism, but it must be my way." Mark Twain

Unfortunately, these days necessity for constructive feedback has some negative side effects. If we can't think of anything constructive, it maybe mislead us to keep silent. And if we don't want to accept any criticism, we can easily reject it as not constructive.

Nevertheless, feedback from other people is important as it can stop us from treading water and being stuck on the wrong track.

Hence my tip to deal with criticism and feedback in a more relaxed way:

Never defend your work against criticism!


If you fall into this - natural - reaction, you automatically will get lost in the trap of justification, and as long as you are trapped in it, you will not find out what really helps you!

In addition, there is the invincible opponent “question of taste” - you cannot reason with this opponent reasonably.

What will be the best way for dealing with feedback?

From my personal experience, it will be better to turn any argument/discussion with your counterpart into a conversation and explain, what you initially wanted to achieve and amplify the steps to get there. 

This way conversation often results in mutual understanding and learning from each other. 

What is your experience with constructive feedback talks?

I look forward to your experience, suggestions and views here at my comment section below.

Do you want to find out a way of the "justification spiral" and mutual finger-pointing in feedback talks? Would you rather learn how to create an open, professional and trustful environment, where you and your peers could improve your collaboration in a respectful a and irresistible way?

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Kind Regards, Angela

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