People who are passionate about their job and have great colleagues are more productive and stay longer in the company.

Corporate Business Coaching

My key competence - experience with people in organisations

BENEFIT FROM over 20 years of corporate experience!

I am one of only few coaches who actually worked full-time as an in-house coach and mediator in a corporate organisation.
International corporate structures are therefore not an abstract term for me, I have seen and experienced them from different positions and therefore I know all the complications and challenges that surface there.

Do you want to initiate change processes in the departed structures of your company and transform them to future-oriented strategies ?

Then we should get in contact and meet!

Most business personnel development programme coach staff on working harder, faster and more efficiently – and in many cases the supposed improvement is so subjective that it is entirely unmeasurable. My program works better than others because it develops staff in areas critical to success yet nearly always overlooked.
Furthermore, employees often do not feel valued because the focus is too much on the development fields and the required performance is taken for granted.

What if there were ways to make your staff more happy, productive, creative and take fewer sick days?

While working as an in-house coach, I noticed that many issues that emerge at the professional level are anchored on a very personal basis. Therefore, the main thing is to appreciate and integrate not only the performance but also the personality of each employee.

I offer an integrative corporate coaching method that is aimed at improving the mental fitness of your employees. By developing the mental strength of your employees and managers, I would like to help to lay a strong foundation so that they are motivated in their job and can use their skills with fun, and thus want to make a sustainable contribution to the success of your company.

Empowering strength: Discover the skills and talent of your employees and teams

My coaching approach focuses in developing people's mental and emotional strength and how to combine them with their professional expertise:

  • Mental focus and fortitude by mindfulness practice
  • Shaping the working environment to promote good health, creativity and productivity
  • Stress reduction and burnout prevention by building up neurological strength
  • Support in discovering, developing and contributing individual skills
  • Dealing with conflicts
  • Communication coaching and respected constructive feedback
  • Emotional competence and self-steering management
  • Team coaching and team development with focusing on individual team strength, team dynamics and team settings
  • Mediation

My Coaching Expertise 

Since completing my degree in systemic coaching and mediation, I have helped numerous people in companies to solve their individual professional and personal challenges. In search of ever better methods and approaches - all based on the latest scientific knowledge - I have also completed several related training courses:
  • 2020 - wingwave online Coach; Besser-Siegmund Institute
  • 2019 - Wingwave Coach; Eilert Academy for Emotional Intelligence (certified by International Coaching Federation in 2020)
  • 2018 - Team Coach for complex work environments; Haufe Akademie
  • 2013-2015 - Certificate Programme for Systemic Coach and Mediator, International Academy for Innovative Educational Sciences, Psychology and Economics; Free University Berlin (accredited by the German Coaching Association dvct)
  • Regular supervision and training

Insight into my professional career

  • Since 2020 - Self-employed as a coach for professionals in corporate environment
  • 2017-2019 - Inhouse Coach & Teamcoach for Business, Team & Personal Development, Community Manager, zLabels GmbH
  • 2016-2019 - Mediator & Coach, zLabels GmbH
  • 2012-2017 - Executive Assistant to the Management Board, zLabels GmbH
  • Please find my detailed CV on LinkedIn profile

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