Discover your way forward!

How can I help you?

What do you really want in your life?
What do you want to achieve?

Imagine, you ...

  • ... are completely happy with your career and personal situation by using your individual strengths and talents
  • ... give more focus about things that matter to you, and less about things that do not 
  • ...stop worrying so much about what other people think about you
  • ... explore your thoughts, beliefs, and fears, so that you learn to trust and believe in yourself
  • ... feel more certain, more settled and more confident even in stressful situtations or a crisis
  • ... feel calmer, more grounded and focused (without having to meditate for 4 hours each morning while listening to whale song in the background)
  • ... are able to transform your stress issues and pain points into opportunities and solutions
  • ... have a clear vision about what you actually want from your life and your time on this planet

I will support you ... 

  • ... to discover and understand your (often unconscious)  habits, beliefs, feelings, thoughts and values
  • .... to deal more relaxed with stressful situations while learning new or additional behaviours, which will replace or complement obsolete ways to react
  • ... to discover and establish your strengths and talents into your career and life
  • ... to provide some clarity regarding your life goals and how to realise them

As our first step, we will have a deep dive on your ideas and beliefs, who could support you in achieving your goals.

Few people take the time to reflect and strategise. We work so hard towards goals we have barely considered, using strategies we have not examined. And if you are are one of the few who self-reflects, can you see yourself truthfully and without prejudice?

Discover, how you can consciously check and reflect on your thaughts in order to change your mindset, so that you will achieve what you really want.

Become aware of your emotions 

In the second step, we will focus on getting together your mindset with your emotional world.

The first and last word in life is always our feelings, desires, intentions and fears, which we are often not even aware of. Therfore, our emotions will always mobilise the energy we need for taking our thoughts into action.

I will show you, how to get into contact with your emotional world and to use them consciously for your benefit. Our feelings provide always the motivation to change and act.

Start your personal path

Within the third step, we will take the time to develop your concrete and personal action plan.

Because without actually taking the time to understand why we are not doing anything about changing, it is like trying to ride a horse that only has three legs. We will not getting very far.

We will identify together, how you get motivated and looking forward to start actively walking and following your individual path step by step. Even the longest journey begins with a first step!

Get Ready to change

To support and encourage you as your sparring partner in discovering your true identity, your actual wishes, talents and dreams, is my highest priority.

I will show you, without judgment and with a lot of empathy, humor and appreciation, how to recognize, integrate and positively transform negative thoughts into neutral or even positive, so that they will lose their threatening effect.
Free your unique personality and shape your life the way you always wanted it.

Let's talk

Are you ready to work with an experienced coach who will be always honest with you, gets to the point and sometimes kicks you out of your comfort zone with a lot of love and also a sense of humor?

If any of the above resonates with you, grab yourself a coffee and let's talk, what's on your mind.

If you decide to continue working with me, our coaching sessions can either take place online or we can meet in person at CoWomen, Griebenowstrasse 10-11, 10435 Berlin.

My way of working

In my coaching sessions, I employ the following, scientifically proven and internationally established methods:

  • Wingwave® Performance, Stress Reduction and Resource Coaching 
  • NLC (Neurolinguistic Coaching)
  • Positive Psychology 
  • Mindfulness
  • Conflict Management
  • Non-Violent Communication (by Marshall Rosenberg)
  • Systemic Coaching

My professional qualifications

  • 2020 - wingwave online Coach; Besser-Siegmund Institute
  • 2019 - Wingwave Coach; Eilert Academy for Emotional Intelligence (certified by International Coaching Federation in 2020)
  • 2018 - Team Coach for complex work environments; Haufe Akademie
  • 2013-2015 - Certificate Programme for Systemic Coach and Mediator, International Academy for Innovative Educational Sciences, Psychology and Economics; Free University Berlin (accredited by the German Coaching Association dvct)
  • Regular supervision and training

Insight into my professional career

  • Since 2020 - Self-employed as a coach for female professionals
  • 2017-2019 - Inhouse Coach & Teamcoach for Business, Team & Personal Development, Community Manager, zLabels GmbH
  • 2016-2019 - Mediator & Coach, zLabels GmbH
  • 2012-2017 - Executive Assistant to the Management Board, zLabels GmbH
  •  Please find my detailed CV on LinkedIn profile

The secret of getting ahead
is getting started
Marc Twain