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#socialdistancing - Are good intentions far from being well said? 

The first time I encountered #socialdistancing, it stressed me out. In a fraction of a second, my brain had gone into “red alert” mode.

Many thoughts passed through my mind simultaneously:

  • “Am I not allowed to have social contact, not even with my husband, with whom I live?”
  • “Will I be forbidden to keep in touch with my loved ones?“
  • “Am I doomed to be alone and lonely?”
  • “Should I lock myself up in the cellar or in the bathroom?”

In addition, my mind’s eye saw me sitting alone in isolation without any contact to the outside world.

Such reactions, viewed objectively, are obviously exaggerated. However, the mind can be selective.

How did my environment react to #socialdistancing?

Since I am curious how others react to #socialdistancing, I started a non-representative survey amongst friends and family.

Here are their reactions:

  • “Totally contradictory!”
  • "I don't understand." 
  • "Like now, can I no longer speak to anyone?"
  • “How should social distance be lived?”
  • “Who came up with this nonsense?”
  • "I don't care about that."

“Sounds like a useless product that influencers are selling on YouTube!” was my favourite answer.

My expectation vs reality

So I started to wonder why #socialdistancing got on my nerves. It was mainly the fact that there was so much confusion in the way the words were put together. What should the message really be?

Especially in times of crisis, I expect to be more careful with which words frome the media I take on board. At least that is my ideal, if the key message is that our society sticks together to get through the lockdown in a reasonably stable and mutually considerate way.

In the blink of an eye, my expectations and reality collided here again. How big is the probability that #socialdistancing is no longer used everywhere just because I don't like it? Exactly, zero.

In my understanding, #socialdistancing means keeping your physical distance from other people and avoiding group formation in order to minimise the risk of infection. Sounds reasonable and completely logical to me.

Unfortunately I do not find this message reflected in #socialdistancing. Instead, in the course of the zealous spreading of certain word creations to the outside world, it seems to politicians, the media, scientists, etc., that the choice of words has an immediate effect on our belief patterns, evaluations and actions.

#socialdistancing cannot tell me how I have to feel!

This realisation triggered my initiative. I simply did not feel like getting upset and wasting valuable energy every time I was violated by unwanted words. There are really more important things that my mind has to deal with right now. Once again I realised that it was in my own hands, how and whether I would let myself be stressed by a “slogan”.

So I found a way to neutralise my uncomfortable feelings for #socialdistancing.

How did I change it? It was due to my awareness that I can actively decide which words I want to present to my mind instead. If the linguistic offer from outside does not suit me, I am free to just change my inner vocabulary.

New messages, new mindset

Therefore these terms apply to me from now on:

#physicaldistancing and #socialsolidarity.

The two terms make me feel good. With this inner serenity, I can easily approach my surroundings in a friendly, considerate manner with a smile. Without uncertainty. With physical distance. #socialdistancing I can calmly erase from my memory.

And now I feel like calling my loved ones.

Kind Regards, Angela

PS: What feelings does #socialdistancing trigger in you?
I look forward to your thoughts in the comments beneath. 

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