Self-Leading with
your personal values

Mein Coaching richtet sich an Frauen, die dauerhaftem

Stress und emotionalen Herausforderungen

am Arbeitsplatz ausgesetzt sind

I will guide you to make professional decisions based on your personal values and to implement them successfully.

But you do not know how to get there?

Our inner value system is the emotional map of our life. Often, people are not really aware of their own values and therefore sometimes lose their orientation.

I actively work with you to understand why you act the way you do in certain situations - while looking at what you actually want from your life, what is going on in your head and, most importantly, how you can start making the changes you want to change. And this can be done with ease once we have made your personal values visible together.

Understand why you act as you do in certain situations - while looking at what you actually want from your life, what's going on in your mind, and, most importantly, how to start making the changes that you want to implement.

Liberate yourself from the perception that emotions are annoying, irrepressible, irrational and sometimes act as your enemy.

Realise how you can consciously perceive, interpret and influence your own feelings and the feelings of others others in order to use them as a source of strength in your life.

If you would like to know more about individual coaching, please click here, or if you are a business looking to boost the productivity of your team, with emotional competence, have a look at my corporate business page.

What are you struggling with right now? 
What keeps you awake at night?

  • You are facing a job/career crisis and you don't know what to do?
  • You are swamped with work and you feel permanently under pressure to perform?
  • You have to deal with conflicts with colleagues and other people?
  • You are struggling with stress, tension and worries in your life and have no idea how to tackle the issues?
  • You do not know how to manage your unwanted old habits, even though you have the best intentions to change?
  • You want to achieve more satisfaction and self-determination in your life, but "something" prevents you succeeding?
  • What is your actual challenge?

Emotional Leadership
Your key competence for your professional success 
and your fulfilled life!

Focus on your personality

Get to know yourself better and gain more confidence in understanding yourself and your interaction with other people. Discover your strengths and learn how to use them in a creative and focused way to address your personal and professional challenges.

Challenge your Status Quo

When it comes to ourselves, we often only see what we want to see and sometimes hide our "uncomfortable" topics. That means everyone has a lot of blind spots. With my ability to empathize with attitudes and values of my fellow human beings, I will support and empower you during our coaching process - to recognize your blind spots and to achieve your goals.

You will get from me the necessary support during the coaching process, especially when it comes to very personal issues. I will give you valuable impulses, gently challenge you with what I perceive during our work, and frequently  question your views to provide feedback during entire process.


I am a certified coach with many years experience in a corporate environment, enabling individuals an teams to develop positively.

What Others Say

Great Contribution

„Angela has made a true difference: She worked with more than 100 coachees across more than 50 nationalities. She coached across hierarchical levels: from junior to business unit heads. She worked with individuals as well as teams. Our team members liked her unique skill of combining listening with challenging, explaining concepts with pragmatic exercises. Her personable and human centered approach has opened the hearts and minds of many and created lasting impact. Thank you for your great contribution Angela!“

Jan Wilmking // Investor & Advisor // Former Senior Vice President Private Brands Zalando SE

Found my courage again

“I chose coaching with Angela because I gradually became dissatisfied over a period of about 6 months. This was completely new to me! Where did my energy, positivity, my drive and patience suddenly go? I was confused! When the annual evaluation round produced a 'nice' but technically so flat overall feedback at work, I was annoyed by myself and everything. Coaching seemed sensible to me to tackle this emotional chaos.

During and especially after the meetings with Angela everything changed for me! However, my living conditions remained the same. They weren't the problem either. My attitude and my self are more conscious than ever! We regained this awareness in the coaching and strengthened it sustainably - thank you!

What surprised me most was the result of the spontaneous family constellation that Angela made with me. Few questions and instructions on my part provided various explanations, monologues and completely new impulses on my part. My final insight was fascinating to me because it was soooo simple and yet so justified!

Through the coaching, I was actually okay with myself! In addition, I discovered completely new courage in me. My desire to change certain things concretely or to stop doing them sparked amazing willpower. Where I was previously inhibited or afraid, I simply tried many things, got into action and was amazed at how easy it can be. This courage was awakened by the coaching and is normal for me today."

Sara Finkernagel  // Product Development Manager - Technician + Projects at Zalando SE

Honest, unique, human, fun and challenging

„Angela is one of the most amazing and gifted people that I have ever met. She is honest, unique, human, fun, open and challenging, whilst having integrity. Angela was recommended to me by a colleague and I wasn't sure what her coaching would do but it had a significant influence on me personally and professionally.

I wanted to come back to being me and have my emotions back to make the next steps to improve and enjoy life. 
The struggles I felt where being over-whelmed, trapped, and unable to know what was happening and where to turn. This impacted me by having anxiety and panic attacks that I needed to stop and also not to loose any more confidence.  

Angela's sessions have made me think, change and relook at situations. The sessions have also helped me to enjoy loving and being me. There are so many things that have stuck in my mind which now challenge myself on patterns that I used to automatically do. The sessions have also returned my confidence to solve deeper issues which I am very open towards and excited to close.

I feel very blessed meeting Angela and whoever wants her to coach them are welcoming a great gift into their life.

I would recommend Angela to anyone who wants change and to be challenged to get the best out of life. This has been the most amazing journey of discovery with a huge impact."  

Louise Bailey //  Consultant - Head of Buying / Business Developer